Survival?  Fun?  Work? Why not all?

It never hurts to be prepared.  Owning a range camp is an important first step in being ready for when disaster strikes.  However, unlike many shelter options, your range camp can be used and enjoyed regardless of whether there is an emergency or not….

G.O.O.D(Get Out Of Dodge)

We talk to people every day who are  worried about their future and the increasing possibilities of natural and man made disasters. Many people have purchased land and homes in less populated areas,  thinking they will need to move out when S.H.T.F.   Our question is, what happens if their property or dwelling has been compromised by the elements or man?  Where will they go?  Do they have a back up plan?  Our answer is to have a Timberline Range Camp- stocked and ready to go, it creates the ideal BUG OUT camp.


Summer and early Fall are always the ideal time to go camping, but why limit yourself to seasonal camping.  Timberline Range Camps allow you to use your camps year around, Snowmobiling, Ice Fishing, Hunting, Cross country racing, Rodeo and on and on.  There is no limit to where and when you can use a Range Camp.  Warm in the winter and cool in the summer!


Traditionally sheep and cattle growers have used range camps for over 140 +years, housing their employees year around.  Today they still use range camps for the same purpose.  Many other types of businesses have begun to see the value of the camps and are using them for their employees and themselves.  Some of these businesses are, oil field operations, power companies, construction companies, photographers, traveling salesmen, trappers, hunting guides and services and on and on…

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