Tips For Setting Up Survivalist Camps In The Wild

  • Posted on Jun 15, 2019

Survivalist camps can be a welcome retreat in times of need. They can provide the vital shelter that we require in extreme situations such as natural disasters. Not only that, a survivalist camp can be essential when it comes to your doomsday prep as it can be a great place to store everything you’ll need in the event of an emergency. So you can be good to go as soon as disaster strikes.

Location, Location, Location 

When you’re out in the wild in a survival situation, you may think just because you have your trusty survivalist camp ready to roll that you’re good to set up camp anywhere. But finding the right type of location in which to set up your survivalist camps can be important.

Finding a fresh water source can be a good idea and setting up your camp close to one can be ideal. However, you don’t want to be too close to the water in case there’s a flood risk. Around 200 feet away should be close enough. But it can be a good idea to check out the surrounding area to make sure you’re not in a flood plain.

Looking for a place that has natural shelter can also be useful as it can help to act as a barrier to some of the elements. Trees, embankments and hills can all provide a little extra shelter. But remember to be aware of any hazards, such as rocks falling from cliffs.

Essential Packing For Survivalist Camps

When you’re thinking about your Dday prep you have probably thought about the essential items that you might need but there are some things you should probably not be without. And they can be ideal for loading into survivalist camps for when the time comes that you might need them.

Thermal blankets or survival bags can really come in handy in an emergency situation and they’re often small enough that they will take up minimal room in your camp.

A wind up or hand crank radio can also be an essential item to have in your camp, as it can allow you to stay connected to the latest news and weather broadcasts even when you don’t have electricity or a phone signal.

It can also be useful to pack topographical maps of your local area, as well as national ones, as these can be helpful in navigating areas when there are no communications signals for digital devices and they can let you understand the landscape. A compass will also be useful in these situations and can help you stay on track when you’re using the maps.

A water purifier or water purifying tablets can be essential items if you plan on collecting water from natural sources, as these can help to remove some of the harmful bacteria that might be found in the water. You should try to do a little bit of research ahead of time if you plan to drink from natural water sources, as the geographic location may mean the water is not as safe as it might be from other locations, such as due to chemicals being released by local factories.

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“First, thanks for all of the help and patience in preparing to order our camp. You made sure that we really got what we wanted. From the time we picked up our camp we have really enjoyed it. It pulls great, and is easy to park and set up. This camp is so comfortable. Cooking and cleaning is easy, and everything is easy to get to. You can have people in and not feel crowded. We have camped in camp grounds, by lakes, and in the hills hunting with no problems. We like camping in it best when it is cold so we can use the wood stove. There is nothing cozier than that stove. Summer is nice to; the windows are placed so there is good ventilation. The door coming in from the front is more secure feeling. The kids are fighting over who will inherit it, but we are determined to wear it out before that happens.”

- Pat and Ernie , Sparks Nevada

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