How to Survive in Extreme Heat

  • Posted on May 18, 2018

Climate change is inevitable and that means parts of the world are going to become hotter, some parts drier, and some parts wetter; and some parts will eventually disappear beneath the rising sea levels. But while we may not be able to prevent climate change from happening, we can at least be prepared for the worst with survivalist camps and essential survivalist skills.

In order to have the best chance of survival, it might be best to tailor your D-day prep to every kind of weather scenario. In the United States, heat waves are already the most dangerous type of weather, killing more people annually than any other extreme weather event. And with global warming, heat waves are only going to worse and more frequent. So, in the case of extreme heat, how do you survive?


When it comes to doomsday prep, clothing is important. And it remains important even in extreme heat. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are ideal for when the temperatures rise. These fabrics are breathable and can help to protect your skin from the sun. While you might be tempted to take off clothes in extreme heat, this can be more damaging to your body, as your sweat will evaporate more quickly, causing you to dehydrate at a much faster rate.

Lightweight sun hats are also a good idea to include in your D-day prep.


In extreme heat, hydration is the key to survival. Safe drinking water may be unavailable in your area, so plan ahead and consider some sort of water purification system. Boiling water is a good way of getting rid of bacteria in the water, but a chemical treatment solution may be more effective if the water you find has been infected with toxins.

You should drink water regularly, and try to drink small amounts more frequently than gulping down larger quantities, as this will help to hydrate you instead of flooding your system all at once. If you’re expending a lot of energy, you will need to increase your intake of water.

Remember that salt is also important for keeping your body hydrated. Eating regular meals can help with this, as long as you have enough water supplies, or have some salty snacks on hand. 


Survivalist camps can be the perfect provider of shade and shelter in periods of extreme heat. And this can be essential for survival and should be a major part of your doomsday prep. Consider solar panels if you plan to be off grid, and this will allow you keep electronics running, such as fans, refrigerator or air conditioning unit. Failing this, keep tarps or sheets on hand to create an awning or separate shelter.

Remember, heat rises, so the coolest place in your camp will be on the floor. Consider utilizing nearby trees for their added shade, either for your camper or your makeshift shelter. For a makeshift shelter, it can be a good idea to dig a little into the ground, if possible, as this will give you a cooler spot.

Staying out of the sun and staying hydrated will help to prevent heat associated illnesses, such as heat stroke.

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