How to Keep Survivalist Camps Cool in the Heat

  • Posted on Aug 15, 2018

Knowing how to survive the heat in a survivalist camp can be an important part of your doomsday prep. You may have to face all types of weather and conditions but keeping survivalist camps cool in the heat of the sun can be difficult. But there are some ways that you can minimize the effects of the heat inside your camp.

Position of your Camp

This may seem pointless if you’re out in the middle of nowhere where the sun seems to be beating down directly on you and your camp. But keep in mind that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and will be beating down from the south for most of the day.

Position your camp so that the side with least windows faces south or southwest. If you have a side with more windows, position this side facing towards the north or northeast. This means you should have less chance of the sun beaming in through the windows. The sun will tend to be hotter in the afternoon as it sets than in the morning when it rises, so windows facing east generally won’t get as hot as those facing west.

If possible, find a tree and park underneath to give you some added shelter.

Create an Awning 

Using tarp or a sheet or whatever you have, you can create an awning for the side of your camp. String it up to extend beyond the roof of your camp. This can help to shelter your windows as well as the sides of your trailer. It can also give you a shaded spot to sit.

Open Windows

Heat can build up inside a camp so it can be a good idea to open any windows. Try to open one at either side of your camp to create a through breeze, as this can help to push hot air out and bring cooler air in.

When temperatures are extreme during the day, you may find it better to open the windows at night and in the early morning when it’s cooler outside.

Cook Al Fresco

Cooking inside a camp in extremely hot temperatures can just cause your camp to become even hotter. No matter what you’re cooking, even if you’re boiling water for a cup of tea or coffee, it can be a good idea to do it outside. If you’ve made a shaded spot with a tarp or sheet, you should stay pretty sheltered but should still have the advantage of fresh air circulating around you rather than being enclosed within your camp.

Think About your Electronics 

Even if you’re running off of solar power, the gadgets and electronics you’re using will likely still be giving off heat. Think about switching to low energy alternatives. Light bulbs can be a particularly good thing to switch out, as the old traditional bulbs can give off a significant amount of heat compared to the new LED ones.

It can also be a good idea to turn off or unplug any electronics that you’re not using, to save them giving off heat unnecessarily.

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