How to Avoid a Bear Attack

  • Posted on Nov 16, 2018

In North America, there are plenty of large animals roaming the wilderness, but bears can definitely be one of the most dangerous that you can encounter. However, if you have the right survival skills and know how to prevent a bear attack you can stand a better chance of surviving if you do happen to meet a bear.

There are three species of bear in North America: the grizzly (or brown bear), the American black bear and the polar bear. Unless you find yourself close to the Arctic circle, your chances of encountering a polar bear is pretty slim. However, the grizzly and American black bear can be a threat to you, depending on where in the USA you are. Many of the grizzlies in the USA can be found in Alaska, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem in Montana. On the other hand, the black bear can be found just about anywhere in the USA.

Survivalist Camps

Survivalist camps can often be a lifesaver when it comes to seeking safety from a wild bear. But there are some things you might want to consider in order to prevent any unwelcome visitors to your camp.

Bears have a fantastic sense of smell and will often smell food from several miles away. So one thing you might want to do is make sure any food is stored inside a sealed container and kept inside your camp. If you’re making a Dday prep list, a bear proof container can be a good thing to have. It’s recommended that you store food 100 yards away from where your camp is. It’s also possible to hang your food in a location where the bears won’t be able to reach.


If you’re out hunting for food, you will need to be very cautious, especially if you’re in an area known for its bears. Bears can often smell the animals you’ve shot, as they can smell the blood, so it’s important to approach your kill with care, preferably from an upwind direction. It can also be a good idea to make a lot of noise so that the bear knows you’re around. This can give it a chance to run off. However, bears can get particularly possessive of their new found kills and will often claim it for themselves. If this is the case, it’s best to leave the bear to it and search for your own food elsewhere.


Whether you’re hiking close to your survivalist camp or you’re rooting around for supplies, it’s a good idea to be alert to the fact that bears could be in the area. Try to walk with other people, in groups of around four, if possible, as this can lower the chances of a bear coming close to you. If you’re on your own, make a lot of noise – shout, clap, whatever you need to do, as this will help alert the bear to your presence; the last thing you want to do is sneak up on a bear!

Pepper spray has been found to be effective in warding off bears should they come close to you. But make sure you keep it within easy reach, such as on your belt should you need to use it in an emergency.

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