Game Animals Every Survivalist Should Know About

  • Posted on Jul 15, 2019

When it comes to doomsday prep, you may be focusing on loading up your survivalist camps and stocking up with all the essentials. But as well as having your Dday prep kit ready to roll when the time comes, it can be a good idea to stock up on knowledge as well as items to kit out your camp. The United States is home to numerous species of animals that are legal to hunt and when you’re in a survival/life or death situation, you may not even require a hunting license (but it’s always better to check your local laws as part of your prep).


Now, turkeys are not just for Thanksgiving. They can be found all across North America, often in many types of habitat but most commonly in red oak and oak-hickory forests. You may need to learn a turkey call in order to lure them in but once you successfully hunt one, it can provide tasty meals for several days.

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep can provide many meals if you manage to hunt one. They can be found mostly in the western US states and the Southwest. Depending on your location, you may have to hike into the mountains to find them, as they can often be found on the rockier sections of mountains. They can be pretty large though, up to 500 pounds, so it might be a good idea to take a hunting buddy with you or have some way of hauling your sheep back to your camp after you kill it. The sheepskin could come in handy too.

Wild Boar

Wild boar can make for some tasty meals and they can be found pretty much anywhere. They can often be regarded as pests in many places and hunting them can be welcomed. But they are not an easy target and they can become pretty aggressive and dangerous, especially if you shoot and miss. So make sure you’re in a safe zone where you can’t be harmed before you attempt to shoot one.


There are several types of deer that can be found and hunted in the United States and they make excellent table fare. Plus, the amount of meat you can get from one can last you for several days. You can also use other parts of the deer, such as the fur to provide insulation for survivalist camps and the antlers to create tools. Depending on your location, you may have access to caribou and elk, which can both be very large animals and may require you to have some help from a fellow survivalist. You might also want to think about investing in a travel freezer if you plan to store a large amount of meat.


Bison may require extra help if you plan to get one back to your camp. Bison used to be a protected species because they were almost wiped out through hunting, but populations have improved and they are no longer at risk of extinction, providing hunters stick to hunting limits in place. For a survivalist, bison can provide plenty of food but they can be dangerous if they charge at you.

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