Food you can Grow Inside your Camper

  • Posted on Apr 15, 2018

So, you’ve got your survivalist camp trailer and you’re organizing your doomsday prep. But one thing you should also consider is growing plants that will provide you with food in the event of a disaster or emergency. When you’re a true survivalist, you need to have everything on hand or within easy reach. So we’ve looked at some of the best edible plants that are ideal for growing inside your camper.

But when you’re growing plants indoors, there are some things you need to pay extra attention to, compared with outdoor gardening. One thing is the amount of light that the plants have access to. The type of soil you choose may also have an impact on how well your plants will grow, so when choosing your soil initially, you should look for soil designed for potted plants. Another thing is that your plants will need to be watered regularly by you, as they won’t be able to access any outdoor moisture or rain from inside your survivalist camps.


Tomatoes can be ideal for growing indoors and can be a great and versatile source of food. Heirloom tomatoes can be a good choice, as they are generally large and juicy. Tomatoes like a lot of sunlight and they need the light in order to turn red. Be sure to water them everyday, but if your conditions indoors are quite dry then watering them twice a day might be required. Also, keep in mind that these plants can grow quite tall, so you might need a stake or two to keep them from toppling over.


Growing spinach indoors is a lot easier than you might expect. This leafy green vegetable is not only packed with nutrients but you can grow it just about anywhere, as long as you let it get a little sunlight now and again. However, seedlings will probably require a little more light. Spinach doesn’t need a lot of water, but it can be good to keep the soil moist. You can grow spinach in pots to sit on your windowsill or even in a hanging basket if you’re short of room.


When people think of growing lettuce, they tend to think of a large outdoor space. But lettuce is actually ideal for growing inside. Plus, it’s a fast grower so it won’t be long between harvests. The one thing you need to remember with lettuce is that it needs a lot of regular watering and the soil should be kept moist. Lettuce also prefers a lot of sunlight, so placing the seeds in a wide pot along your window sill can help you get the healthy crop you’re after.


This flavorful vegetable is super easy for growing inside and should be on everyone’s Dday prep list. To grow garlic, you don’t even need a pot or soil! You can simply put some garlic into a glass or small dish and submerge the bottom of the clove in water, place it near a window and boom, you’ll soon be growing your own garlic.

Garlic is perfect for survivalist camps because you can add it to bring flavor to all of your cooking. Not only that, garlic has excellent health benefits, crucial for every survivalist. It can help to reduce blood pressure and improve heart health, as well as being well known for boosting the immune system.

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