Kodiak 21′ Camp

This is our new Kodiak with a little different color scheme. We’ve made a few of these Kodiak camps lately but with our normal cabin brown interior. This one was a bit of a trial run but we are extremely happy with the way it turned out. I love the black as an accent color but we are going to try a buttercream yellow as well. This interior color scheme along with many others can now be custom ordered to go in any of our camps or teardrops.

The Kodiak camp is more along the lines of a Sheep camp rather than our larger Range camps. It is a great alternative to the large camps that have all the bells and whistles (and maintenance that goes along with them). It is very easy to use and maintain. It has a 5 gallon drum for water under the sink. It comes with a space for a porta potti and a shower area with a place to hang a shower bag. It still has the wood burning stove and solar panel and the other items your find in our Frontier.

The Kodiak is a great camp for cold weather or remote camping. Like our Frontier, the Kodiak can stay out for extended periods of time with no fuss. And like all our camps the Kodiak comes with the same great construction, insulation and durability that you find in all our camps and teardrops.

Kodiak Standard Features


  • Gas Light
  • Small Wood Stove
  • 3-Burner Cook Top
  • Main Bed: Full Mattress
  • Trundle Bed: Twin Mattress with Cubbie Compartments
  • Curtains
  • 2 - 30# LP Tanks (tongue mounted)
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • 2.7 cu ft Refrigerator

Water Package

  • 5 Gallon Water Tank Under Sink, Single Sink, with Hand Pump Faucet
  • Shower Room with hook to hang a Shower Bag and area for a Porta Potti

Electrical Package

  • 2-LED Double Inside Lights
  • 2-LED Single Inside Lights
  • 1-LED Outside Lights
  • 1-12 volt Deep-Cycle Battery
  • 1-100w Solar Panel
  • 1-12 volt Outlet

Running Gear

  • Trailer Breaks and Lights
  • 2" Rear Receiver
  • 2 - 5/16" Coupler
  • 5 - ST225/75R15 Tires

Kodiak Specifications


  • Dry Weight 6,000 lbs
  • GAWR 10,000 lbs
  • GTW 5,200 lbs
  • Tongue Weight 600 lbs
  • Interior Length 15' 8"
  • Exterior Length 21'
  • Height 11'
  • Interior Height 6' 8"

Kodiak Popular Options

Popular Options

(Extra Charges Applicable)
  • Bench Cushions
  • Catalytic Heater, Wave 6
  • Batteries 2 - 6 volt (Replace 1 - 12 volt)
  • Commissary 3' Deck Option


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