We are headed to California the third week in December to show our newest Survival Camp.  We will keep you posted on times and locations, we do know that it will be in the Northern part of the state, closer to Sacramento, and the Bay Area.  Please email or call us if you are interested in viewing the trailer.  Once again it will be in the third week of December and we will keep you posted on times and locations.

Until then, keep working on becoming Self Reliant so you can teach your families and neighbors to do the same. Better to teach others how to fish, rather than just giving them the fish.

If this does not prove our point nothing will!










A lady was driving down a highway in Southern Utah in the middle of the day when a Deer tries to clear between her truck and trailer, but as you can see did not make it, leaving a 4′ hole in the front of her trailer.  When the Law Enforcement officer arrived on the seen and opened the door, he was surprised to see a little Buck starring at him.  He said as soon as he took a picture the Buck headed… right towards him, flew out the door and jumped a fence, then headed up the hill.  It is kind of a neat story that the Deer walked away.  Now imagine how much it is going to cost this lady to repair the hole in her trailer, and the hassle of dealing with insurance companies, not to mention it ruined their hunting trip.

Now if this had been a Timberline Range Camp there would probably be some clean up because the Deer would have left a stain on the front door.  Yes the Deer probably would have died, but there would be no cost or insurance problems to worry about, and she would have been off to her original destination.   Timberline Range Camps are built TOUGH, even tough enough to prevent large animals from blowing through the walls :)

Looks like a long Winter.

We have been hearing rumors that this is going to be an exceptionally cold and long Winter.  I am a little comforted to know that if my furnace or gas fire place go down I can put the family in our Range Camp, just fire up the wood burning stove and stay comfortable.  Of course putting a wood burning stove in my home would be the first priority, and that is one of our next home projects.  Below are a few articles I pulled off from the www.survivalistboards.com site, they give a report on their predictions.



Enjoy the last few months of warm weather, and stay warm out there.  I know I will in my Timberline Range Camp.

Survivalist Magazine issue #12 is a good one

The Survivalist Magazine issue #12 is a great read.  Basically goes over all the important aspects of surviving in the wilderness.  Hunting, fishing, bugging out, Surviving off of wild plants, herbs, emergency distress, and much more.  We happen to put and ad in this issue, which worked out great since we are focused so much on bugging out, and emergency living.

It seems like all these articles in this issue are common sense to us that  live in the mountain areas.  We hunt, fish, hike, know what plants to eat, and most times can find our way around.  It is easy to forget that so many people in the world do not have this knowledge, and in a world that relies on technology and instant gratification, less and less are even interested or care about learning survival skills.   I guess my brothers and I were just lucky to have a good Boy Scouts program, and a father that took us hunting and taught us how to work.  Now it is our responsibility to teach our kids the same.


Everyday average American,

This is an average family who’s Winter situation made them think about life and how they need to prepare for unexpected emergencies.  A fully stocked Survival Camp would have been perfect in the Winter situation he describes.


Hello world!

Thank you for visiting our web page!!  Our company is based in rural America, we understand the desire to be prepared for natural and man-made disasters.  Our first “survival” customer was a gentleman from Alabama.  He called and ordered a Legacy Range camp and was so pleased that he had found the solution to what he defined as a problem faced by the majority of Americans who see the direction of our Country, which was, as he explained it, he had a home which was not paid for but had a large portion of equity.  He stated that he was fearful there would be another real estate bust and that all of his equity would disappear and he would be left either homeless or upside down in the home he had lived in for decades but hadn’t quite paid off.

His solution was this: he refinanced his home, took the equity and bought a 20 acre parcel and purchased a TRC Survival Camp, all paid for, free and clear!!  He has stocked up his camp with everything he felt necessary and he continues to live in his refinanced home, making payments, hoping everything economically continues well, but he now sleeps at night, knowing he’s protected from big or small emergencies… ARE YOU?

Since that first customer, we have had many take delivery of camps.  We are discrete and will deliver anywhere you direct.  Thanks again for your interest, we hope we can help give you a better peace of mind.