Best Plants for Keeping the Air Clean in your Survivalist Camps

  • Posted on Jun 18, 2018

Plants and trees are pretty much essential for providing us with the air we breathe. As it’s well known, plants and trees can absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, so in nature they are effectively helping to clean the atmosphere of harmful toxins. So when it comes to your doomsday prep, every survivalist will want to know how to make sure the air inside their survivalist camps remains safe.

There are a few ways you can ensure your air indoors is clean but one easy way is to include some of these plants in your Dday prep.

English Ivy

One of the better known air purifying plants out there, English Ivy can be the ideal plant for growing inside a camper or trailer. Because of its evergreen nature it can be a popular plant for indoor gardeners, maintaining a decorative appearance all year long. If you’re low on space, this plant will happily live in a hanging basket.

English Ivy has been known to reduce toxins in the air by filtering out bacteria, making it a great plant for allergy sufferers. A well as taking out airborne fecal matter and other types of indoor pollution, it is also believed to limit mold growth.

Chinese Evergreen 

The Chinese Evergreen can be an easy plant to grow indoors and can even bloom in low light conditions, making it an ideal plant for survivalist camps. This evergreen plant will help to combat any toxins in the air and is thought to be able to filter out more pollutants the longer it stays in the home.

Boston Fern

Ferns can be ideal house plants, and the Boston Fern is thought to remove more formaldehyde from the air than any other plant. As well as that, they can add a decorative touch of nature to the inside of a trailer. Just remember to keep it misted or watered regularly, as it likes quite humid environments.

Bamboo Palm

This decorative palm is small by comparison, making it a good choice for small indoor spaces. It will help to filter out toxins from the air, being particularly good at removing trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde.

Being a tropical plant, the Bamboo Palm prefers bright spaces, so it might be a good idea to place it in a small pot beside a window.

Peace Lilies 

The Peace Lily is a popular indoor plant because of its beautiful flower-like leaf. This decorative plant is able to purify your air by removing chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, as well as xylene and toluene. In addition to being able to improve your indoor air quality, the Peace Lily is also pretty easy to look after. It doesn’t mind lower lit areas and it’s easy to know when it needs watered, as it’ll start to droop.

Be aware that, although it can help remove air pollutants, its leaves can be harmful to pets or children, so this plant should be kept in a safe place out of reach.

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