Accessories that Could be Useful in your Survivalist Camp

  • Posted on Sep 15, 2018

When you’re preparing for the worst case scenario it can be a good idea to think about all the things you might need in a survival situation. A real survivalist will be prepared for any eventuality. So you have your survivalist camps ready to go and you’re getting your doomsday prep lists organized but have you thought about how you’ll get around or how you’ll eat and cook?

There are a few things that can make ideal accessories in survivalist camps, helping you to make the most of your time in the wilderness and make the whole process a lot simpler. So make sure your Dday prep list includes these items.


Some of the most essential items for improving survival in the wilderness are matches and lighters. These can be vital when you need to start a fire in the wild. Whether you need to build a campfire to cook your meals, boil your water or dry your clothes, having an easy way to light your fire can save some real time and energy.

Fishing Rods/Lines/Lures 

Whether you’re beside a lake, a river or the ocean, having a fishing rod or two can really help you out when it comes to catching your own meals. Fish can be excellent sources of protein, which can be even more important in a survival situation. Fish can often be easy to catch and it’s a relatively low energy way of catching food, which means you can save your energy for other things.

When it comes to bait, you could either find your own live bait or make sure you have some artificial lures packed into your camp. This can be easier, as they can be reused and don’t require any inconvenient storage solutions.

Even if you don’t have your own rod, you could potentially make your own using thin tree branches or long sticks and some fishing line.


A small watercraft such as a kayak or canoe can be invaluable when it comes to survival. Having such a vessel can allow you to navigate new areas on the water, travel along rivers in search of better campsites, and they can be ideal for gaining better access to the water for catching fish.

A kayak or canoe can be a life saver when it comes to flood zones. These easy to use vessels can help to rescue people and their pets, as well as transport goods back and forth. Not only that, they don’t require gas or electricity, making them perfect boats for the wilderness and when there’s no access to fuel. Simply paddle these vessels and you can be quickly on your way.

If you don’t like the idea of hauling a canoe or kayak on top of or behind your camp, consider an inflatable one. These can save space and can often be folded down into a backpack. So if you need to hike to the water, it makes it a bit easier than dragging a full size craft along.


A knife can be vital to a survivalist. It can let you prepare meals, cut through rope or other materials and even hunt. More ideally suited to a survival situation might be a Swiss army knife, where you can access a bunch of different tools, all from the one piece of gear. This can save space in your backpack or camp and you can even fold it up and safely put it in your pocket.

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