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Imagine a family member or loved one faced with a Hurricane, Flood, Earthquake,  fire, man made destruction or some other emergency situation.  Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that you would have a place for them to stay.   Now imagine if you had a disaster in your own area and it was time to G.O.O.D (get out of dodge).  Do you have a place to go?  Are you prepared to leave if things get bad enough?  People around the country are realizing that these and other scenarios are more and more likely to happen.  What if these things were to happen in unbearable conditions like, extreme cold, or extreme heat.  You would need something reliable that can handle extreme conditions. Your solution needs to be self contained and fully functional off the grid.

We  introduce you to Timberline Range Camps.  The Survivalist Housing Solution!  While many types of” bug out” and survival shelters (like underground “bunkers”) are becoming increasingly popular, many are recognizing the value in making a range camp their primary investment for emergency shelter.

Here are just a few reasons why;

1. Mobility - No one knows where disaster will strike, having a mobile residence is better than a permanently fixed dwelling.  You may need to relocate to an area that is safer, more accessible, has better communication capabilities or is nearer to community or other important resources (water, power, food).

2. Functionality – TRC Camps are designed with Survival in mind;  two sources of heat; a wood/coal burning stove and a forced air propane heater.  Two-Sources of light; electrical lights tied to your solar generated battery system and a back up propane gas light.  Where else will you find this type of preparation.  You’ve made an investment – ENJOY IT!  Get familiar with it.  Your range camp was designed to be used year around, it is more than capable to be used for recreational purposes.   By using your camp and becoming familiar with it you will be able to get the most out of it when disaster hits.  Unlike long-term food storage that sits on the shelf, your Survivalist Camp shouldn’t sit around waiting for disaster, USE IT NOW!

3. Psychological – Man wasn’t meant to live underground, day in and day out in a confined space.  Your range camp gives you the ability to be above ground in fresh air and sunlight.  It gives you the capability to move if your dwelling is compromised. It also gives you the peace of mind knowing you have heat, shelter, and the assurance that you and your loved ones are protected from the elements.

4. Longevity -  TRC Camps have to live up to a reputation.  History shows that the old sheep and range camps will last 60 + years.  We expect the same out of our camps, they are built with higher quality materials and crafted to handle any on land environment and terrain.  It is comforting to know that your Timberline Range Camp will protect you and your family for as long as you need it to .